Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome to the Team: Derrek Lever

Derrek preforming stunts on his board at Northstar, Boreal, and Keystone. Cameo appearances by Derrek's pals Johnny Lazz, Josh Bishop, and Austin Sweetin.

Where do you Originate: Edmonds, WA


Who's helping you out:
Rome SDS, Smith, Stevens Pass Snowboard Shop, Thirty Two, HOBO

Home Mountain:
Stevens Pass, WA

Where have you been boardin this year:
I spent 3 weeks boarding around summit county, then went to N. Lake Tahoe the day after Christmas, spent a month or so there then headed to MN for about a week and I flew back to Seattle yesterday.
Any plans for the rest of the year:
Head back to Tahoe in the next week or so, film some more, just board with my friends and enjoy my life.

I'm above the influence. I don't really know, just all my friends that love snowboarding and shit.

Cats or Dogs:
All about dat pusssyyyy

Spleefs or Moles:
Spleefs. But moles will always have a place in my heart.

Last Words: LSSF